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My Bus Game!

2009-03-29 23:31:51 by PakaPaka

This is copied from my thread in the Programming Forum:

My Bus Game Alpha 1 is ready!
After a while (around a month or two) of working on this, I have gotten Alpha 1 ready.
This game has been programmed in WPF by me.
I'd really appreciate any feedback and comments, but just keep in mind that I know my game is incredibly boring and there is nothing to do (yet, hopefully).

I'm doing this for the programming experience, and I've learned a ton due to this.
Thanks guys. You can PM me or respond on my userpage. Feel free to give me suggestions or ask any questions. I appreciate it Newgrounds!

Read the ReadMe file for full information!

I know my download site is crap but Mediafire has been giving me hell and filefront uploading is down.

My Bus Game!


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