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It has been approved! Awesome!
I'd really like people to vote and leave some feedback, because I'm planning to make some more music and I know I can do better. Thanks!

Nightmare Song!

2009-07-09 18:34:56 by PakaPaka

I just submitted my first song to the Audio Portal... I'll update this when it gets approved ^.^

Sorry for the massive delay

2009-04-19 14:34:57 by PakaPaka

There's been so much schoolwork, I've been building my computer, and all this stuff: I should get it out by the end of next week (Bus Game 1.1)

New Features: Optimized code, fixed a memory leak, auto-panning, improved cool looking bus, can pick people up on both sides of the road, a go toggle switch, and when you press it you don't have to hit go to move. In the next version (or possibly in this one, I am still thinking), I am actually going to be adding fun gameplay stuff.


My Bus Game!

2009-03-29 23:31:51 by PakaPaka

This is copied from my thread in the Programming Forum:

My Bus Game Alpha 1 is ready!
After a while (around a month or two) of working on this, I have gotten Alpha 1 ready.
This game has been programmed in WPF by me.
I'd really appreciate any feedback and comments, but just keep in mind that I know my game is incredibly boring and there is nothing to do (yet, hopefully).

I'm doing this for the programming experience, and I've learned a ton due to this.
Thanks guys. You can PM me or respond on my userpage. Feel free to give me suggestions or ask any questions. I appreciate it Newgrounds!

Read the ReadMe file for full information!

I know my download site is crap but Mediafire has been giving me hell and filefront uploading is down.

My Bus Game!

4:11 A.M.

2009-01-19 04:12:32 by PakaPaka

For your information, it is 4:11 A.M. (or was, when I started writing this.)
For your information - get it? Haha. I am so lame.
Ugh. Bad joke.

Latest News

2008-11-07 23:59:01 by PakaPaka

[make a new post]

Hi everyone!

2008-10-07 18:37:01 by PakaPaka

I'm bored... what's up with you?

Hey everyone!

2008-09-27 15:39:30 by PakaPaka

Hey, this is my first news post. I don't know if anyone will ever read this! I've been having a good time with school and such, and have been doing well. Sophomore year is quite a pain, what with Biology and all, but its doable. I still quite a lot of time on my hands for hanging out with my best friends and buddies! And, as always, I have quite a lot of time to play World of Warcraft :)

Haven't gotten any new games in a while, but things like Toribash, WoW, and especially Newgrounds have been keeping me entertained for the past few months.

If anyone wants to look up my WoW character, its Pakaran, Tauren Enhancement Shaman, on server Area 52. I've been spending the last few months in peace, anxiously awaiting WOTLK.

Recently I also got a new forum signature, which I made with Flash CS3/Photoshop CS3. I included the signature below.

If anyone has any ideas on how to improve my signature... please do tell :) Spent quite a while making it, and if its possible that I could make it better then I'd like to hear it.



Hey everyone!